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Kids get free eye tests up to the age of of 18. Bring them in and get them school ready! Many kids will only have a basic vision check at school, it is important for kids to have a comprehensive eye examination even at pre-school age.

*Kids get a free eye test up to the age of 16 and if they 16, 17 or 18 in full time education.

There are few things worse at school and more damaging to your child's confidence than struggling to read or see what the teacher is showing on the white board.

Here are some things that you could be looking out for:

Kids rubbing their eyes

Kids sitting too close to the television or holding books too close

Straining their eyes or moving their head to see better

Closing one eye to read / focus

Complaining of headaches, sore eyes, tired eyes

Losing their place while reading

Greasby OpticiansGreasby Opticians